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What Our Patients are saying

"I have been going to Nuzzi Chiropractic for several years.  Not only is the staff friendly and helpful, but they really have helped me. In addition to my adjustments with Dr. Nuzzi, I have had several massages with Karen.  The true test of a treatment or massage is how you feel the next day.  I keep coming back because they do such a great job."  A. Palmer

"Dr. Nuzzi's office is filled with excellent and experienced professionals. I went in for chronic neck pain. Dr. Nuzzi was very focused on condition, and she greatly helped my constant pain.  I highly recommended her and her practice." S. Kaliko

" I first went to Dr. Nuzzi after injuring my back lifting a heavy carton. I worked in construction for 40 years without injury, but after being retired for a few years I guess the simple act of lifting wrong caused my pain. I actually walked into the office bent over. After several weeks of treatment, I could move around and bend and sit without pain. Dr. Nuzzi started me on back exercises, (the McKenzie exercises) which take all of ten minutes and keep the tone up. I continue to do them today, and I encourage everyone to use the services of this office for a  pain free life. Thank you Dr. Nuzzi.."

T. Pasqueretta Kaliko

“Dr. Lori Nuzzi and her staff are phenomenal and I would recommend them to anyone.  I started seeing Dr. Nuzzi for upper back pain related to my job.  I am a nurse and am constantly lifting patients and putting a lot of strain on my body.  I was out of work for a month, seeing several doctors and taking multiple medications, all of which could not help me.  I was even at the point of thinking I would need to find a new job.  I was absolutely desperate and scared.  That was when my sister-in-law recommended me to Dr. Lori Nuzzi.  I was initially hesitant because of prior poor experiences with chiropractors.  But my worries were immediately eased when I met Dr. Nuzzi and all of her professional staff.  Everyone is compassionate, caring, and treats you like a person and not just a "patient".  The office does not feel like a typical "doctor's office".  It has a holistic feel to it.  They do not only treat your pain, but your entire body as well.” D. Herbst

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